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Chatbots, Conversational User Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Expert. Book author — Hands On Chatbots and Conversational UI.

How can you use deep learning models to enrich conversational AI experiences?

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Recently, I wrote about a number of amazing conversation AI systems introduced in 2020 like Google Meena, Facebook’s BlenderBot, and OpenAI’s GPT-3. …

How chatbots can steer conversations by understanding the nuances in user utterances?

One of the trickiest problem designing and building chatbots is to build its capability to understand user’s utterances. This is the very first challenge facing the chatbot — understanding what the user wants from what they say. We…

Measuring chatbot performance beyond traditional metrics and software testing methods

How do you test a Conversational AI solution? How do you evaluate if your chatbot is fit to be deployed to face your customers? Out of all the types of Natural Language Processing systems like Machine Translation, Question Answering Systems…

A review of 4 defining Conversation AI systems that we saw in 2020

2020 is over! What a roller-coaster ride that was?!

Conversational AI systems progressed a lot in 2020. Certainly, as the pandemic started, we saw many chatbots built to deal with the need to provide reliable and trustable…

Chatbots are everywhere now! By chatbots, I usually talk about all conversational AI bots — be it actions/skills on smart speakers, voice bots on the phone, chatbots on messaging apps, or assistants on the web chat. …

Finding a new vision for Conversational AI

Have you ever finished a conversation with a friend not realising how much time you have talked or all the other stuff that had been going on in the space around you two? …

How can chatbots become truly intelligent by combining five different models of conversation?

Conversational AI is all about making machines communicate with us in natural language. They are called using various names — chatbots, voice bots, virtual assistants, etc. In reality, they may be slightly different to each other. …

How to solve world’s wicked problems?

A pile of gears showing the parts of a system

Systems Thinking is a way of thinking about ourselves and our place in the world. It is about understanding that the things we see in the world are all inter-connected and therefore influence each other. It is a way to look at the whole…

What is NLP and how does it make machines smarter at communication?

One of the first things that fascinated me in Artificial Intelligence is for a computer having the ability to speak and have a conversation with humans. When I saw C-3P0 speak on a giant screen, way back when…

A series of stories on how to design great conversational AI experiences using insights from psychology, human-centered design, and design thinking. Hope you find these useful.

Over the years, I have written a series of articles on various aspects of chatbot design. Here they are, all indexed in one place:

Towards Conversational Singularity

Srini Janarthanam

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